Extra long table for a great music teacher back east.

This is a first. A super long, super tall Rumba Table. Its a 2×6 grid and has 30″ legs. He called me because he wanted a table he could take into his classes but also keep at home. It was designed to stay up along a wall like a side table. It has the Large Cajon drum and a snare, alone with numerous other instruments. Its nice to be able to stand and play. Cool table.

IMG_2766 IMG_2765 IMG_2764

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Our work in theaters abroad….

I received a call from Tibor Mihelic Syed regarding my musical tables. He wanted them to be part of a play he was directing for the Ljubljana City Theatre (in Slovania)… Bertolt Brecht’s Trommeln in der Nacht. I was unable to attend, but from viewing the video, it looked to be a wonderful play, and I was proud to have worked with them on the musicality of the set.


a video of the play…

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Piano installation…

I have a project that needs a home. I desire to construct a floor dance platform, where children dance atop the guts of a piano, with their weight striking the strings below. I have included a timelapse video of the deconstruction of a 1872 piano, built in Berlin. My full concept is to build it on site as an instructional presentation of pianos ~ allowing students or museum goers the opportunity to see a project form in front of their eyes.

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Musical Furnishings in public classrooms.

This summer I built a series of tables for the Van Buren School District in Arkansas. They have a fantastic new music teacher who sees a more casual way of introducing music in his classrooms. He is a traveling teacher with numerous schools under his command. With these modular Rumba Tables, he is able to swap out instruments from different classrooms, like you or I would swap personal identities, or pet microchip implants. It works very well and the school district is in the works to have more instruments for the coming year. Stay tuned for cool photos from the classroom. Its always exciting to see new uses for our designs. In this series of photos is also a puffy cloud photo out the woodshop’s doorway into the inner SE Portland’s industrial neighborhood. We are so industrial here at Musical Furnishings. And puffy cloudy.





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A solo table for a Eugene couple…

I recently completed a Musical Solo Table for a delightful couple and their extended family. The name Solo isn’t from Hans Solo, but rather the fact that this isn’t a trio table, or even a duet. It is a table designed for the sole expression of the single, solitary individual playing at that moment – unless more people play. Right? Right.





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A Musical Cedar Bench~ Go figure!

I found an amazing new source for cedar in Portland… Custom Cedar Products. I made some of the most beautiful and melodic benches ever this summer. And my shop smelled pretty for weeks! Good times, good benches. They sell for $1300 and are easily shipped UPS. Just saying.




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Musical Chest to Madrid…

A wonderful family that owns a music store in Madrid commissioned a cedar floored chest for their living room. It looks wonderful in the photo they sent. And the file name was spelled all cute and Euro ~ “foto.jpg”

Before and after shipment:



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If you click the “ordering” tab at the top right, you will see our Etsy store, where we handle all of our orders. Sometimes we have pieces in inventory there. Though usually we build to order. Thanks!

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15 years of Musical Designs…

Institutions from all over the country have installed works designed and created by Tor. The Wichita Kansas Exploration Place has a xylophone tea table and musical chairs. Portland Adventist Medical Center recently had Tor install an outdoor xylophone bench in their newly opened garden area, specifically designed for behavioral health patients. And he is currently designing a piece for the soon to be opened Olympia Hands on Children’s Museum, where a xylophone of his design has been on display for many years. Feel free to call Tor and talk to him about what your public project is needing.

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Healing Garden ~ Children’s Hospital of Michigan.

michigan2 michigan

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