Rumba Series


Any of the tables can accept any of the modules. Most of the modules are single, but the snare is the size of two modules (a 1×2 module) and the large Cajon drum is the size of four modules (a 2×2 module). The darker finish on the table frame tends to hold the look of the table better than a lighter finish, but contact us if you are interested in a quote for a different colored table. The modules are commonly stained a mixture of tones, but I have made solid color pieces on request. The best place to see these options is at our Etsy store front.

2×2 (22″x22″x17″) This is the smallest table Musical Furnishings offers. Ask for a quote on making it to whatever height you desire.

2×4 (22″x38″x17″) Our elegantly long 8 module table offers many layout choices.

3×3 (30″x30″x17″) There is something pleasing about the nine cubic grid that makes up this table. Fill it with instruments of your liking.

4×4 (38″x38″x17″) The mother of all musical coffee tables. Our 16 module table is for the musician that wants it all. Make sure the watch the video that features this table with all of the instruments offered.



The best way to show the module choices is via video. (see below) The aesthetic is an eclectic mosaic of wood tones on the surface of the table. The modules are made of different species of wood, and therefore will be of random coloration. Unless otherwise noted, these are single modules (8?x8?x varying depth). Note that the large 4×4 table has all of the 12 modules and the snare and cajun drum are larger thereby explaining why 12 modules can fill a 16 module table.

1 ) Tamborine
2 ) Snare Drum (takes the space of two modules, 8″x16″)
3) Medium Bongo
4) Low Bongo
5) High Bongo
6) Shaker
7) Chimes
8) Bell
9) Cow Bell
10) High Hat (adjustable)
11) Cajon Bass Drum (takes the space of 4 modules, 16″x16″)
12) Cymbal Crash


I have also been building these tables with chimes, as seen on our Etsy store.


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