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Collaboration with BBDO wins Cannes Lion Award.

This spring I worked on a project with the ad firm BBDO. I flew down there, helped them flesh out the concept with real, working musical tables that I designed for the project. The client, Antarctica Beer, delighted in the buzz that was forming around the project. We filmed all aspects of the building and […]
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Visiting Guest Artist @ Occidental College

Musical Furnishings was very popular online this year, with Tweets from famous musicians and numerous reposts of our videos. On one of these moments of fame, a Dean at Occidental Collage in LA saw these designs and wanted me to come and speak to the music, art and engineering students. Sophie and I went down and we stayed on campus for a few days while we met with the students. The school also purchased three of my chime tables and carefully placed them throughout the campus. It was an honor to be there and wonderful to meet the staff of Occidental. We went straight for the beach when we arrived. IMG_0701 IMG_0725 We stayed on campus, in this beautiful dormitory. To be honest, the palm trees never got old. Neither did the sun, or the buoyant, vitamin d sufficient student body. IMG_0739 These guys arranged to have super special music house set up for that particular school year. They were fantastic. IMG_0774 This was a shop open late in the surrounding neighborhood. Colorful place. IMG_0762 I was able to visit Sophies Uncles renowned restaurant, Ramos House, south of town in San Capistrano. Its incredible, and you should go if you get the chance, tell him we sent you. IMG_0784 IMG_0734
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Speaking gig in Hong Kong~

I received a phone call from Wilson Chan of ZEntertainment of Hong Kong in the late winter. He was looking for a draw for the opening ceremonies, and felt that I was a edgy western designer, making designs in a new exciting way. I think he also saw that I enjoyed making videos, and might be up for a show. The mall was spectacular, with hi-end retailers as well as the prominent presence of large stores like Ikea and Restoration Hardware. They ordered a number of my pieces and flew me out for the ceremony. For over a week, I spoke on stage to audience, sometimes in the hundreds, about the designs and how I came to build them. I was interviewed over a dozen times by newspapers and magazines, and numerous television broadcasts. There was even a confetti canon. The celebration was a hit.
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Piano installation…

I have a project that needs a home. I desire to construct a floor dance platform, where children dance atop the guts of a piano, with their weight striking the strings below. I have included a timelapse video of the deconstruction of a 1872 piano, built in Berlin. My full concept is to build it on site as an instructional presentation of pianos ~ allowing students or museum goers the opportunity to see a project form in fron of their eyes.
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